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There are a certain type of people that just really get under my skin. We have all met one. Those people that make everything about them. Say for instance; you start talking to them about one of your problems and they completely disregard what you’ve said and began to make it about themselves. What do you call that kind of person? It’s actually kind of funny sometimes in my case because the problems this person begins to talk about, literally doesn’t even come close to relating to the subject that I brought up. It used to really bother me, I felt like…wow they are selfish and I can’t even talk to them. Now, I just laugh and somewhat feel sorry for the guy because he’s so self absorbed and it’s sad that he feels no empathy for others feelings but feels sorry for himself. I guess to make this blog worth reading I will give a piece of advice to go with it, like how to handle these people. There are several things you can do. 1. Don’t even bring up your problems to them.
2. Just listen when they ignore everything you just said and begin talking about themselves.
3. Tell them that what they are talking about has nothing to do with what you said.
4. Number 3 will be hard if the person is drunk and you may have to repeat yourself.
5. Whatever you do, don’t argue with them because then they will turn the whole entire thing around on you and somehow make it all your fault even though, to start with…it had nothing to do with that. LOL
6. People really should not mix Xanax and alcohol, it’s really pathetic and well… Just laugh at them until they pass out…it doesn’t take long 😉
Peace ~~~
Jessie ❤